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Can anyone help me ID this stamp? Is it Hebrew?

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I have asked a few collectors, and even posted this mark at the Middle Eastern Forum. So far no one knows its meaning. It is on an otherwise unremarkable No 4 Mark 1 (oops). I have attached more photos in hopes of finding out what language it is in. It looks rather like Arabic to me, But for all I know it could be Sanskrit or a host of other languages. has anyone seen this before, and what do the characters mean/ there are no other non-English marks on it. I really enjoy shooting this one and frankly it may be my most accurate Enfield.

Added this information: I took the rifle to a Palestinian friend and he says it is definitely NOT Arabic. He thinks is it Hebrew. I have tried comparing it to the Hebrew alphabets I found online, but there seem to be sevral stylistic differences in the letters. Do any of you believe the stamp to be Hebrew? I have some Mausers that were used by Israel, but all have the Start of David on them. I have found none on this rifle.

Thanks very much for your help.

Doby Pilgrim
Santa Fe
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I would agree with the other posters...I would say Farsi or possible Dari...if you google those alphabets there appear to be some similarity in some of the letters.

Nice rifle...
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