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Camoflauged 1903 sniper rifle - WW I

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It wasn't just bubba...
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Don't think that colored picture technology was available in 1918. So, enhanced picture, photoshopped. Could be anything. I could draw Mickey Mouse faces instead of that camouflage.
There was in fact color photography during WW1. The Germans and French did produce some color photos at the time. The process was in the developmental stages for the most part. This is not to be confused with hand colorized images of the period that were very popular. Color photos much rarer than B&W images of course.

I often think, how do they know what the colors.

I just watched a video on the sinking of the Szent Istvan, that real famous video of the BB that Italy sent torpedo boats after and it got filmed rolling over. It was in color, as well as black and white. How did they figure out these shades of gray are that color?

In a photo like this, well we know his shirt and pants are this shade of green, the tags are silver, can they make "best guesses" based on known shades of colors?

How do we know this guy was not blonde, or a red head?

Yes, most modern day colorized documentary footage leaves much to be desired. Everything the same washed out tone of green or whatever color is inserted. Some did a good job with newer technology like in Peter Jackson's work, but mostly I would prefer the original B&W footage.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts