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CAA MSE Red Dot AQC-1C (Red Dot CR123 batt.)
[D2R5-AN23 SR]

Price: $727.99

Product Description

Free PTT (Push To Transmit) Cable with every sight ordered. $52.99 dollar value.
Reflex sight 34x25mm (1.33" x 0.984") screen size, operated with CR123 battery, knobs adaptor, Composed Reinforced (CR) Polymer Housing

Advantages of MSE’s Reflex Si
AQC-1, AQC-1B, AQC-1C:
    1. Three built in reticles- quick shooting, accurate shooting and a red dot.

    1. Parallax free- making it one of the most accurate sights on the market today.
    2. PTT cable- activates the sight, chooses preferred reticle and controls the brightness of the dot (8 levels- 4 for day and 4 for night) without disengaged the gun’s grip.
    3. Sleep mode- conserves battery life (sight shuts off/into sleep mode after 30 minutes of non movement).
    4. Motion sensor- activates sight by movement, when sight is in sleep mode (no need to push activation buttons).
    5. Sleep mode disablement- for ambush scenarios.
    6. Larger window size- AQC-1 (30X35mm/ 1.2"X1.37") AQC-1B and 1C (25x34mm/1"X1⅓" ) allows larger field of view and faster target acquisition.
    7. Low battery indicator- 2 hours before the battery is empty, the reticle blinks rapidly every 10 minutes until the battery is changed or empty.
    8. Zeroing buttons can be moved manually- without the need of any tools.
    9. The brightness level stays the same in all area of the window, unlike others that change depending on location of reticle in the window.
    10. The ability to see backup sights- any and all backup sights can be seen through the window, in case of malfunction there is no need to remove sight from picattiny rail.
    11. AQC has no mirror like lens -a mirror like lens can cause detection if sun reflects on it.
    12. The reticle itself (all three of them) is crystal clear and has no grain like/cloudy configuration to it.
    13. Night Vision Mode - compatible with any night vision device.
    There is no reduction of clarity of the object/aiming point.
    1. No see through reticle- the reticle cannot be seen from the target side of the lens.
    2. No red glare- can be detected illuminating from the sight.
    3. Implementation course- enhances shooting capabilities. The program offers syllabus, day & night shooting scenarios from the IDF and a zeroing target for all AQC sights.



Weight (operational ready, knobs adaptor)

10.93 oz

Weight (operational ready, arms adaptor)

11.53 oz

Body composition

Composed reinforced polymer

Reticle type

Field of View

Unlimitedwith both eyes open

Operation time

1875 hours

Window area

1.31" ²

Window size (HXW)

0.984" X 1.23"

Battery type
CR123 single

Dimensions (H X W X L)

2.36" X 1.93" X 5"

Center dot

1.97" at 109 yrds / 1.7 MOA
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