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C96 Broomhandle CAD posted

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A Russian friend of mine has finished a years-long project, and is sharing it with the world.

He measured a Broomhandle pistol, and made some CAD drawings from it.
I can't seem to attach them here in the forum, but copies are available at this Yahoo Group:

You may have to join to download them.

He says he's CNC milling out parts from these files, with pictures to follow.

I haven't built anything from these (yet!), but they seem to fit and function
well in my AutoCAD program. Please note that these are solid models made to scale in .IGS format, suitable for making CNC gcode. They are NOT flat dimensioned drawings, so looking at them in anything other than a CAD program will just show you a pretty picture.

So the usual warnings apply, anything you make from these is at your own risk.
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