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As of now, California C&R FFL holders can (just like everyone else) order a firearm online, but even though they are a C&R FFL holder, they can't have it sent right to them - due to quirks in California law, it has to go to an 01 FFL for them to pick up.

That began 01-01-2015. Per 'Quiet' and 'kemasa' from Calguns forum, as of that date, C&R FFLs could no longer have C&R long guns shipped directly to them and must have all C&R firearms shipped to a CA FFL dealer, who would then transfer the C&R firearm to them.

If you wonder why anyone would want the C&R FFL in California, you'd be right, for most people it is too much trouble / not worth it.

(As a result this drives more traffic to 01 FFL --- though the 03 FFL (curio and relic FFL) with Certificate of Eligibility can still receive ammo direct to their front door which unlicensed Californians currently can't do; that issue is being contested in the courts.)

Also, as examples of some exempt persons on the ammunition issue, licensed ammunition vendors; people on the California Department of Justice’s exempted FFL list; and federally licensed gunsmiths, who also get their Certificate of Eligibility, can get ammo sent to their front door in California, amongst some other exempt persons.

The only exemption for firearms for the C&R FFL (who resides in California) is when the C&R FFL physically obtains the C&R firearm while outside of California, and then brings it back to CA.
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