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C&R Licence renewal Rip Off

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Last month I filled out my renewal forms and sent them back to ATF in Atlanta with a check for $30.00. I checked the right boxes, crossed all my t's and dotted all of my I's. I sent the local LEO a copy. A few days later my bank says ATF withdrew $90.00 form my checking account. I called ATF in Atlanta and they transferred me to Virginia. The girl on the phone insisted that ATF doesn't make mistakes. Ha Ha. She wouldn't even bother to try and help me. She kept saying ATF could not withdraw more than what I had written on the line. I don't have check copies. I told the bank about this and they sent a trace back to ATF. I can't believe they stole and extra $60.00 from me and the dodo on the phone insisted I am wrong without even checking for me. Make sure if you send in for your license renewal that you only keep $30.00 in your account and tell your bank not to pay anymore than what you wrote on the check. I doubt I ever see my $60.00 as they are all in denial up there. I knew the government was broke, but I didn't think they would get money from innocent people this way. If they ever refund my money I will come back here with a post stating so, but don't hold your breath. Like the lady said, "We are never wrong."
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Electronic or not, they will still have a scanned image of that check to compare with the actual deduction. Don't let the bank off the hook so easily.
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