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Posted - 09/05/2004 : 10:22:25 PM

I noticed a lot of the k98's had WHITE lettering on the metal parts...others did not. Was this due to wear & fading? Or were some of them made without the white? Also, is it possible, or even a good idea to restore it back to white?

I just purchased my first k98 (yippie!!!), and everything is 95%...i am assuming leaving it untouched is the way to go? Do i NEED to oil it? Or can i just leave it as it is? How do i store it?


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Paul Parrish
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Posted - 09/06/2004 : 10:19:21 AM

The white lettering you refer to is something done for the camera.In other words,guys rub white "stuff" (paint,chalk,etc.)into the serial numbers,crests,markings,in order to make them show up when they are photographed.The "white" is not original.I don't believe in cleaning up a historical weapon any more than is necessary.Less is best.Certainly you want to remove ALL the cosmoline.You will want to take the barreled action out of the stock ,if for no other reason,to be sure there is no rust under the wood line.Oil/grease the unseen metal parts LIGHTLY before putting it back together.Provided the stock is not oil soaked,wipe it down with a mild soap,make sure its dry,and forget it.If the stock is very dry looking( not common),you might rub in a light coat of linseed oil.Give it 48 hours or more,and then apply one more very light coat.ALWAYS give linseed oil plenty of time to dry and never apply too much.Does not hurt to wipe off any extra after letting it soak in for 15 minutes.If you have specific questions as to taking something apart,or cleaning...ask;people here will help if they can.
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