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Posted - 12/18/2003 : 08:51:19 AM

I'm going to get one of the nice K98's from FAC. Yeah, they're expensive (relatively), but from what I've read in several forums, the best out there. They have a number on their site you can actually chose from.

I'm not a real connoisseur of K98's so any advice would be appreciated regarding what is desirable. Here's my thoughts:

1. Older ones (1930's early 40's) are probably better made than newer ones (1944 or 1945).

2. I's like to have one with swatica proof which limits me to late 30's and beyond.

3. I lean towards a laminated stock over walnut, but not a lot.

4. I like the cupped butt plate.

5. I like a bent bolt.

6. I have no idea if one factory is better than another.

7. While proof marks are cool, they don't make a huge difference. I'd rather have a rifle that's in good condition with ordinary proof marks on it than a really beat one with rare proof marks on it.

Plus, should I buy capture screws?

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Posted - 12/18/2003 : 09:29:59 AM

As far as the quality of the guns go, the older ones arent "better" per say, they may not exhibit the mill marks that later ones will have, but the quality of the steel should be the same. Most of these will have bent bolts, but thats really a preference thing, as is the stock and buttplate. The website linked makes no mention of the swasitika's being intact, which is an issue to you. I would call before ordering just to make sure they arent pinged out. Their mention of bore condition is scary to me, "Bore condition is consistent with the exterior condition of each rifle" I would request one with a good bore, if you plan on making this a shooter, as that remark doesnt totally sit well with me. Good guns on the outside can look quite bad inside. The guard screws arent really an issue when it comes to firing the gun, but if you like the cosmestics of them, it wont hurt to order a pair. I don't feel that one factory is better than the other, but some makers/dates are less common, as you already know, and picking one of those could help with resale later down the line.

After I posted this Harlan at FAC emailed me that all guns are inpsected for bore condition as well. My thoughts were not slanderous against his buissness, only that good guns on the outside may not be good on the inside, and that from what I had read on that page alone, I would ask for clarification as to bore condition. That being said, with the information presented to me, I would now assume that all the listed guns have good bores and intact markings.

My remarks were only presented as an interested and cautious consumer, and not meant to be degrading to any dealer. In the future, will be sure to note that my opinions are only opinions, or I will simply not post them at all.
Sorry for the confusion

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Posted - 12/18/2003 : 10:52:18 AM

Originally posted by BadCat

Maybe a byf41 or ce41? The quality was still good, they're fairly common and they have dirty bird proofs.

Actually the rifles made by Sauer & Son (ce code) have such tiny swastika proofs (almost microscopic) that I would recomment the byf-code instead if that is so important to you.

ALL of our 98k's were initially hand-selected for bore-condition, and most of ours do actually include the locking-screws.

Harlan from FAC actually called me and asked permission to utilize our method of listing individual 98k rifles some months ago, which I was okay with (just in case someone out there thinks they just arbitrarily copied it from our site). The individual photos are also a nice touch (though many now will no-doubt complain that close-ups of every marking on each rifle are not provided).

Dennis Kroh, owner

use this link:

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Posted - 12/18/2003 : 3:53:11 PM

I got a grade 2 from FAC. It was a "ce 41" and was very nice inside and out. Stock was a dark red but refinished nicely. I haven't heard anything bad from FAC's RC 98k.

I'm a Bob, with a Mauser.

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Posted - 12/18/2003 : 10:45:56 PM

I haven't gotten any of FAC's RC 98K's, but everything else I've ever ordered from them was just fine, and pleased me enough to have made me a repeat customer.

I have ordered one of Empire's 98k's, a 1938 S/42 which I eagerly await.

I'll get some pics up when it comes in. I gotta wait until after Christmas to post 'em, though, because I've found through much frustrating trial and error that our current digital camera bites, so I got my wife a new one for a present, but she obviously won't open it until the 25th.

As for preferred codes and such, I've found that it's really personal preferrence mmore than any other factor. Some codes are indeed less common than others, but to me a single-rune BNZ tomato stake isn't what I want in my gun room. My Mausers are kinda like dartboard hits; all over the place, but each one is my favorite.


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Posted - 12/19/2003 : 3:56:56 PM

how much do you plan on spending?what are you going to use it for,do you plan on starting a collection?
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