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This was originally posted on the old forum by Sgt Neutron

Here are some links that I've found with helpful information:


Importers marks:

Swiss rifle information:

University of Little Rock Small Arms Test Unit. A good explaination of headspace & how to measure it:

Stock bedding, finishing, etc.:

Russian Ammo info:

Japanese Arisaka & bayonet markings:

Everything you need to know about the 9mm Largo:

Custom Cast Bullet Molds:, general info on builds, etc.:

Browning/Colt serial number ranges, German ordnace codes, etc.:

PDF firearm manuals:

Ammo recommendations for self-defense arms: general news & info on concealed carry:

********************UPDATE 20 FEB 08*********************

Get a CCW permit from UTAH:
(Utah issues permits to non-residents, and is good in 20+ states)

Some guy that likes Mosin-Nagants:

Calculate muzzle energy for your favorite load:

Find a gunshow near you:

Short S&W model reference list:

I'll add more as I gather them while surfing, Sgt "N"

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