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My only 98k is an RC byf 44 that had been sanded/refinished, had a peep sight on the receiver bridge, and a Timney trigger installed by the previous owner. At only $225 (this was after prices climbed) with an excellent bore I snagged it, took the peep sight off, and installed a spare military trigger/spring. Took it to the range, sure enough it's a tack driver. It is my mix-master abomination of a shooter and I love it. The Eastern Fronts of both World Wars are my favorite military conflicts to study. When I look at an RC, I'm assured that it was at least sent to that theater. They fill the shooter void spectacularly because I won't feel as bad if a part on one breaks, and the bores are often in great shape too.

Too many people tie "collectible" status to monetary value alone. It also means "in historically accurate condition." How many RC's laying around today still have their red shellac and purple extractors intact? I know many guys who stripped the shellac and reblued or replaced their extractors because "they're just cheap rifles." The affordable milsurp market took a huge hit in the past five years, the online vendors ran out of RC's, and prices rose accordingly. In due time we will see a budding price difference between "original" and modified RC's. It will only be slight, but it will still be there and grow over time. Once the 100th anniversary of WWII passes, we can kiss affordable German anything goodbye.
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