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Posted - 06/09/2007 : 4:56:46 PM

New tests, same media.

Left to right:

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6.5x55, Prvi Partizan 139 grain SP, 2639 fps, full penetration 3 boards, 2 jugs, found in 3rd jug, dented rear of 3rd jug. Core/jacket separation, .44" expansion, 79.5 grains recovered weight of the core and jacket together.

9.3x57, Speer .375 caliber SS resized to .366, 2347 fps, full pen 4 boards, 3 jugs, found in 4th jug, dented 5th board. .59", 200 grains, 85%.

.45-70, Lee 402 grain Hollow Point cast bullet {wheelweights}, 1640 fps, full pen 4 boards, 4 jugs, fractured 5th board and bounced off on to table. Knocked 6th jug down. .50", 355 grains, 88%.

.45-70, Remington 300 grain Jacketed Hollow Point, 1623 fps, full pen 2 boards, 2 jugs, found embedded in 3rd board. .79", 268 grains, 89%.

Recently I purchased 1000 of the Prvi Partizan bullets for $116 from Graf's. These appear to be well made, accurate bullets though they are much more frangible than the Remington 140. Also, they have to be seated quite a bit farther in the case to keep the bearing surface even with a Remington 140, and this might have had some effect on velocities, as they ran 50 fps faster than the Remingtons. Probably a good deer bullet, but I'll keep my Remingtons for elk.

The 9.3x57 was loaded with another resized .375 bullet {finished diameter .366"}, using 48 grains of IMR 3031 and a CCI 200 primer. 8 rounds produced 39 fps extreme spread so it looks like this one may have accuracy potential, though actual groups hovered around 2.5 inches for 5 shots at 50 meters. Next step along this path is to see if they group near the same POI as 232 grain Normas. I see these bullets as cheap plinkers for the guy who wants to use the 232 Normas for hunting, assuming similar POI. Accuracy is plenty good for 50 meter offhand and snap shooting practice and even out at 100 meters should provide more than enough accuracy to stay within the reindeer circle.

Terminal performance of the resized 235 Speer was superb and I would not hesitate to use this combination on deer, elk, black bear or moose.

The Lee 300 grain bullet gives a bit less velocity than the 300 factory load. The 402 Hollow Point is a real killer. I have taken deer, bear and a couple heavy range cattle with that one. One of the cattle had a broken leg and a mean spirit as a result of an auto accident and charged me when I {ostensibly} approached her to put her down, she having already put the sheriff's deputy under his patrol car and kept the unarmed rancher at a gallop on his horse. Yes, they can run on more-or-less three legs! I shot her 2 inches low of a line right between her eyes. The bullet was found in the shoulder, having penetrated 24 inches of skull, neck vertebrae and muscle. This was a big crossbred cow of about 1200 lbs weight. This bullet acts just like a Nosler Partition, shedding its front portion with the shaft continuing on.

For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. Jn 3:16 Verbum Domini Manet in Aeternum.
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