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Bubba'd up vz24 value?

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Buddy has this and wants me to do something with it for him. It was a vz24 but he was attempting to do something with it who knows. Anyhow the stock is cut and been sanded on so pretty much this is a barreled action. The crest was ground mostly off and bore is frosty but good rifling. Does have bolt, trigger guard, floor plate, spring and follower. Action is super smooth. Would make a good build i think.

Anyhow what is this worth? I dont have any need for it and want to get rid of it fairly quickly


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Thanks for the info. It will be going on the trader soon. I did dig through the box of stuff he had and found most of the bands for it. It's almost all there including what i think is the wrist swivel but not sure i know what that is. Also found the end of the stock he cut off. It could be repaired i think.
I have no interest in this and its a buddies so i will list and sell it on the trader for him sometime this weekend. Thanks for the info.
Sold already. Thanks for the info on it.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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