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Bubba'd Gew98

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I got my barreled action today and well, at least 4 inches were cut off from the barrel
(4 in. shorter than a kar98k) the action was rebuled ( it looks like it was slopped on )

I think the bolt and action are mismatched ( however, I could be wrong) :



Its a 1917 Danzig with 1920 stamped right above it

The barrel and action have the same serial number , but it doesnt look authentic

Stock was sporterzied... Jesus...

Reference pics ; Not mine :


Looks like I can shoot the hell out of it now since its been screwed over...

What are some rebarreling options? Can I put a kar98K barrel on it...Dunno what to do

Bore is in good shape...ah well...
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I see quite a few Wiemar era Gew 98 barrels for sale various places. Since it has the double date you could get one of those and fix it up to Wiemar specs. That could get expensive though, and I'm not sure how much value that would add. Just a thought, that's probably what I would do but I love restoration projects.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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