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Could anyone help me with the adoption date of Browning M1917 machine gun? Is it known? Strangely most sources have no info about it.
From Dolf Goldsmith's history of the gun, it was never formally adopted but was recommended for production and purchase by the Machine Gun Board after very successful competition bestingother designs in field tests. Recommendation letter dated May 15, 1917 from the board to the Adjutant General of the Army recommended purchase of 10,000 1917s and it was implemented and production development ensued.
So, there is no actual document designating the gun as "adopted" for use, but just a series of events leading up to the recommendation for its production and purchase. The letter provides an actual date that an official involved in the search for an MG makes the recommendation, which is as close as one is likely to get to the idea of "adoption".

Bob Naess
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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