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Browning High Power Barrel - Problem?

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I think these pictures tell me that I have a problem. Is looks like a fracture to me. just in front of the lug and about where the cartridge case would head space.

I purchased this for my dad about 1973. With the gun purchase I also purchase a box (50) of Browning 115 gr
ball ammo. Dad hadn't shot half the box. Dad passed away in 2007 that is how I ended up with this. I shot 2 mags of "hand loads' through it. 6.0gr of Unique and 115 gr HP. Extremely accurate, too.

I'm 50 yards from a machine shop. I'm going to walk it down and have them confirm, then....start looking for a replacement barrel. Odd, I think because I didn't think that the hand load was anything over +P performance.

Belgium Browning

Edited: Machinist confirmed....Split


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doggonit Clyde!! chuckle. The machinst comment was....."it looks like a split BUT it's really straight".

I might give Browning a call with a cereal :)0)number and see what they have to say. I won't shoot it til I get
a confirmation
Mine looks the same;maybe not quite as pronounced as yours and yes,it is really a straight seam.
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