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They have quite a following. I own two. Model 4 target rifles. Love em.
They were made by the company that became CZ. Long story... WW II... Germans...Russia ...Cold war....
They made 5 different models starting in the late 40's. Allen's Armory has had 4 of the models for sale in the last couple of months.
The US did not allow import of these rifles because of the cold war.

Rimfirecentral's CZ forum has a large group of Brno users and a lot more info.
Hope this helps.

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I have plethora of 22's, and the brno #1 holds a special place among them. Whether it was their craftsmanship, or years of military use, the gun functions extremely smoothly. Much more so than the current version (which is still excellent) the cz 452, which other than minor differences, is identical. Be aware that on the #1 the scope rail is a strange size and normal scope rings will not work (well), which if you would scope it, I'd go buy the new cz anyhow (which I did.) So moral of the story, its a good purchase, and I second going to rimfire central, its a great forum.

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Great rifles, classic European style, all steel construction, huge following in Australia.
Mate of mine collects them, so far he has 40 rifles, ranging from 1946 manufacture to 1960.

I own/shoot Model 5, made in 1958 and wouldn't part company with it for any money.

When you inspect the rifles, you should find on the left side of the receiver and on the barrel, just in front of the receiver 2 digit #, which signifies the year of manufacture.

If you can, get the Model 1 or Model 5, both light weight barrels, which great 2 stage triggers.

The model 2, is also good but get one that was made before 1968, as after the Russian invasion the quality dropped markedly.

The # 3 and #4 rifles are target guns with heavy barrels.

Personally, I wouldn't bother with the CZ models, as they are nowhere near the quality of workmanship and finish of the 'genuine' Brno's.

Also, try as many different brands of ammo in the rifle as possible, as you will find that rimfire rifles have 'liking' for different ammo.
Mine isw extremely accurate with the Remington Yellow Jackets and the Winchester Subsonic HP.

The rifles are dovetailed for 5/8" scope mounts, which are available.

Added some photos of my Model 5.
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