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British Navy Pattern Short Rifle MkII

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G'day all ... just mucking around with the camera and lights and thought I'd share some pics of my 1912 Navy trainer.

It is based on a 1901 LSA 1* Long Lee and it was re-barrelled in 1940 ... for every 20 or so No2 MkIV's you trip over, you'll only see one of these!

Anyway, I think it's a cool rifle:

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I passed on this one as it didn't "speak to me" - if you know what I mean.
Am really glad Heatseeker picked it up though - he really likes it - a nice piece.
Me - well,.... in hind sight I probably should have picked it up at the price Heat paid for it, but would still pass on it at the price it's actually worth (and I have a couple of SMLE trainers).
Funny how some things take your interest and others don't - almost no rhyme or reason to it. Thats collecting I suppose.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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