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I'm considering a WWII S&W British marked revolver and have a question......which lanyard swivel is the correct one?

The revolver is in the pre-Victory blue finish, the high gloss.
5" barrel
Calibre is .38 S&W.
Checkered wooden grips with the S&W medallion.
Serial number is 775xxx
The side of the frame is stamped with the British crossed pennants stamp. (there may be other stamped marks, but this is the only one that the seller told me about.)
There is a "P" stamped on the butt.

It is missing the lanyard swivel.

So. Am I looking for the typical British style with the round ring?
Or am I searching for the long/elongated typical US style?

Thanks for any help, as I'm not sure I'm buying the gun if I don't know which ring. (as well as knowing I can actually find one)

Regards, Ned

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Ned, the S&W British contract revolvers were equipped with the oblong shaped lanyard loop. I attached photos of my WW2 British Contract Colt Official Police revolver showing the lanyard loop.


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The standard Colt and S&W lanyard for .38 and .45 revolvers will work. The round ring lanyard is British and requires a larger diameter hole in the butt than your revolver. A few S&W and colts were retrofitted for the British lanyard but they are few and far between.
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