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John Wall gave a really indepth answer on the PM prefix. Unfortuneately, I didnt bookmark the site or thread. Ill see If I can pull some of the information from my degrading memory bank. I think initially the VZ24s that were PM prefixed on the right side of the receiver were destined for China, but for one reason or another they didnt make it there. Im not sure if this is the same group of rifles that were sent to the revolutionaries in Brazil or not. The PM Series the "Revolutionarie" ended up with have some noticble differences to other VZ.24s. They have the notch cut out for a bent bolt, the bolt knob is flattened and checkered, the pistol grip is thinner in diamater, and this particular VZ is about 7 ounces lighter than the regular issue VZ
The Brazilian VZ24 rifles were the JC lightened version ordered by China. China didn't pay and they were rebarrelled to 7X57 for the San Paulo revolutionaries. Captured by the Brazilian government, they were marked at some time by Brazil (possibly much later) with the PM number. It has been said that is a police marking. Other types of Brazilian Mausers also had the PM number. A quick way to identify the JC rifles is by the bent bolt handle and stock cutout.
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