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Hello all,
I read that the 7mm was the original round for the Brazilian 1908. Also that some were converted or rebuilt to 30.06. What about 8mm? Were they rebuilt as a long rifle in 8mm or carbine length? Will the receiver be notched as well for the 8mm round? I just like the receiver marking for personal reasons and need some education. My next thought would be to find a receiver assembly and get a 7.62 NATO barrel to build up but that's if I can't find an original 8mm rifle. Thank you.

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Brazilian Mauser(s) & Calibres

Brazilian Mausers are as Follows:
Brazilian M1894 DWM & FN Long Rifle and Cav. Carbine: 7mm
Brazilian Commercial Long Mauser M1904: 7mm
Brazilian Cav.Carbine M1904/07: 7mm
Brazilian DWM & Oberndorf Long and Short Rifles:7mm
Brazilian DWM Mauser-Vergueiro Police Rifle: 7mm
Brazilian (FN) Short Rifle M1922: 7mm.
Brazilian M1908/34 Short Rifle Conversion: 7mm (DWM M1908 Rifles cut down)
Brazilian M1908/34 CZ Brno Short Rifle: 7mm (New acquisition)
Brazilian Vz 24 CZ Contract rifles (captured from revolutionaries): 7mm

Brazilian Mauser M1935 Long and Short Rifles "Banner Model": 7mm

Brazilian Rebuilt Czech M1908/34-.30: .30/06
Brazilian Rebuilt DWM M1908/34-.30: .30/06

Brazilian Rebuilt DWM M1908 to Mqe 1954- .30 ( Mosquete= Short Rifle) Grenade Launcher .30/06
Brazilian Rebuilt DWM M1908 to Mqe 1968 7,62 Nato (MosqueFal)...Police Grenade Launcher
Rifle and Army Training Rifle ( H&K-type sights)

Brazil aquired some 7,9 x 57 G-43 (German) Rifles after WW II, and even prototyped a .30/06 Version in their factory at Itajuba; but they were being equipped with M1 Garands, and soon after with FN FAL rifles in 7,62 Nato.
There is no record of any quantities of "8mm" anything being used, in either Bolt action or otherwise. There is a mention of a small quantity of 7,9x57 J M88 Commission rifles being acquired before WW I, through a German Wholesaler, but this was not a Brazilian federal acquisition ( most likely a Local State Police or Militia); there are no other records of the rifles or ammo after WW I.

Itajuba .30 cal. rebuilds are easily found on the general US market; quality can vary from " 'orrible" to quite good. The Mqe 1954s are the better ones, usually. Also, a small number of Mqe 1968, in 7,62 Nato, have trickled into the US market after the GCA 1968/84 amendments.

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