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Bracketed Tokyo T14 “SHO” Addition
A major marking change in the Tokyo and Kokura Type 14 production run (3.5 to 11.6) is the addition of the “SHO” kanji placed before the date code. This SHO addition occurred very near the 5.10/5.11 date change. The high reported “no SHO” is 5.10 #16497, and the low reported “SHO” is 5.11 #16548. The below images show two Type 14s which bracket the SHO addition change. There are no reported examples with markings which overlap the change range of just over 50 numbers.

If you have a 5.10- or 5.11-dated Tokyo Type 14, please contact me to provide information on your gun’s SHO mark for my database.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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