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Yo Ladies & Gents,

I second the motion on the pro shop. Find a good bow shop and then try a variety of bows. They generally have samples that you can shoot in the shop. It most certainly DOES NOT need to cost a lot. I bow hunted for years with a Pearson 90 lb. compound bow that I bought on special at Montgomery Wards years ago on special for $65!

I shot everything up to and including kudu with it in Africa along with deer, pigs and turkey!

But let me tell ya, PLEASE!!!......get her interested in deer and pigs! You can hunt pig the year around and deer from a stand with a reasonable success rate! Turkey with a bow is graduate school i.e. the PHD of bow hunting. I have killed a single turkey which I stalked on foot and shot from behind from about 30 yards. NOT EASY!

The last thing you want her to do is become frustrated and quite. Get her a bow she can handle and go with a mechanical release and sights and it's like shooting a rifle with a REALLY POOR trajectory. It's a hell of a lot of fun!

Best of luck to you and the little Lady! Valentina hunts with me, but she doesn't like to shoot. She will help gut and skin, and is an excellent shot, she just doesn't want to shoot anything herself! It's wonderful to share the experience with your best friend.

Warmest regards,

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