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Anyone who liked The Unknown Soldier may also like the "Under the North Star" trilogy, also by Vaino Linna. I recently finished reading this set. It's something like 1200 pages total and covers three generations of struggles of the Finnish Pentti's Corners community, and in particular the Koskela family (Vilho Koskela from The Unknown Soldier being 3rd generation), from the late 1800's through the the Continuation War.

The first book has Vilho's grandfather Jussi starting from nothing, carving a tennant farm plot out of the raw wilderness and raising a family. The second book is about the escalating class struggle, build up to Independence, and the Civil War and it's aftermath, where Jussi's sons fight on the Red's side. The third has Jussi's grandsons (including Vilho) growing up & fighting the Winter and Continuation Wars, and Finland at last becoming more united as a country.

All fictional characters, but based on real events of the time and gives you an in-depth feeling of how Finland's history played out for the common people, in Linna's eyes at least. Although it covers the wars somewhat, it's much more than a pure war book like The Unknown Soldier. I feel like it really helped me understand why the Finns (my own family included) are the way they are, and why some of them came to America when they did.

These were available on amazon a while ago, not sure if they're still are but I'm sure they can be found elsewhere too, as the newly translated publications are recent.
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