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Rifles Of The White Death, first edition titled Rifles Of The Snow, by Doug Bowser was really the first major English publication to cover the Finnish Mosin Nagant line of rifles in any detail. Since this is the case it can rightly be credited with doing much to spread the word on these uncommon military arms. Doug was indeed one of the first in the US to understand how collectable the Finnish Mosin Nagants would be.

The book covers all the major Finnish models in some detail with line drawings, specs, and other such information. Bowser is heavily influenced by the fine Finnish author and researcher Markku Palokangas, whose works are without a doubt the definitive work on the subject. The book is well organized and the format is much like a loose leaf notebook, which is handy to flip through.

The book is broken down as follows:

1) Rarity Of Finnish Army Rifles

2) The First Finnish Mosin Nagants

3) Rebuilding Of Russian M91's 1918-24

4) The Civil Guard M91-24 Rifle

5) The P Series Rifles

6) Tikkakoski Production 1925-27

7) M1927 Finnish Army Rifle

8) M1928 Civil Guard Rifle

9) M1928/30 Civil Guard Rifle

10) M1939 Finnish Service Rifle

11) Finnish M91 Production 1940-44

12) Tikka Build M91-30 Rifles

13) Foreign Rifles Used By Finland

14) Finnish Sniper Rifles

15) Glossary Of Finnish Army Proof Marks

16) Other Finn Arms Developments

17) Bayonets In Finnish Service

18) Military Ammo For The 7.62 X 54R

19) Reloading For The 7.62 X 54R

20) Field Stripping Finnish Rifles

21) Loading And Operating The 7.62 X 54R Mosin Nagant And SVT

22) Use Of The Sling For Mosin Nagant And SVT Rifles

23) Position Shooting Mosin Nagant And SVT Rifles

24) Practical Shooting Information For The 7.62 X 53R Finnish Military Rifles

25) The Winter War

26) The Continuation And Lapland Wars

Appendix Bibliography References Index

Some of the best and most useful areas of the book are the shooting sections passed on by the author. The author is quite a marksman and passes on quite a bit of firsthand shooting experiences to the reader. For the shooter, new or old, this information should indeed be quite helpful. While the information in these areas are not dealing with the Finnish standards, they are still welcomed additions for all shooters.

This book is one that all Finnish Mosin Nagant collectors should have. It should be very helpful to the collector just starting out as the author's overviews on the models should be of great assistance. The author also does an outstanding job in his statements about the general collectablity of these rifles and where the market is going. In fact as the book is now a bit dated, the market is now almost to where the author predicted it would be when he penned the work. The information from the book is mainly based on the fine works of Finnish authors as well as input from collectors both in the US and worldwide. As such the book combines information into an easy to read format. While the book is not the end all do all book on the Finnish Mosin Nagants, it is still a reference that even experienced collectors recommend to others.

The author of this book was ahead of his time in many regards and did see the Finnish rifles for what they were, long before most collectors had any idea of Finland or Finnish Mosin Nagants. The author should indeed be credited with doing much to spread the word and information on these fine rifles here in the USA. His work has produced a ton of Mosin Nagant collectors also producing a number of historians with a love for the history of Finland. While the information on the Finnish Mosin Nagant has grown since the book was done, meaning some information may be a bit outdated, the work is one that can not be overlooked by the collector. I know very few Finnish collectors here in the USA that do not have this book in their library. To the new collector there is no way they should not have this book as a part of their reference collection. Doug Bowser and his work are a credit to all collectors of Finnish military arms.

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That was my first book I bought about Mosin Nagants. At one time, I believed he sold stuff by mail. If I remember correctly, that is who I bought my M39 bayonet copy?
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