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Terence Lapin, the noted author of The Mosin Nagant Rifle, has now ventured into the world of the Mauser line of rifles with his new work, Mauser Military Rifle Markings. Mr. Lapin has long been regarded as an excellent Mosin Nagant author and this new work will be widely accepted into a new community of collectors. He has shown the same dedication from his previous works, and this dedication shines yet again in his newest creation.

In this work Mr. Lapin does not try and write the history of the Mauser line of rifles, as he instead states he leaves that up to the works of Ball, Olsen, and others. The Lapin book is an effort to compile a markings guide for military Mausers. He does not only a guide that lists the markings in detail but he also explains what the markings mean. He goes as far as breaking down some of the more uncommon (to Western readers) languages that appear on these rifles.

The breakdown of the book is as follows:

Languages: Lapin breaks down languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Hebrew, Turkish, and many others so that the collector has a general knowledge of what they may be looking at.

Alphabets: With charts and other breakdowns Mr. Lapin teaches the collector what the letters in various alphabets translate to Western readers.

Numbers: Much as the alphabet section the numerical breakdown of several nations are listed.

Calendars and Dating: A very useful section as not all nations use the western calendar.

Inscriptions In Western Languages: Another charted breakdown of sounds and pronunciations.

Inscriptions In Non-Western Languages: Same as above but in Non-Western languages.

Coats Of Arms: A detailed listing of national coats of arms.

Emblems: A detailed listing of national emblems and their meaning.

German Wartime Codes: K98 codes

A Mauser Gazetteer: A breakdown of the more important worldwide cities that played key roles in the Mauser line of rifles.

As one can clearly see Mr. Lapin covers a lot of ground in his 138 page book.

This book is very well laid out as the format is very user friendly. There is no doubt that both the new and long time Mauser collector will benefit from this work. Instead of having to cross check a number of reference books, the collector will only need the one to quickly locate a code or marking. The time saved by this will add up to the seasoned collector who is commonly looking through book after book to locate a certain marking.

The graphics in the book are well done in most cases and easy to identify. There are a couple of cases where photos are used and it might take a bit of a closer look to really see the details, but this is the exception and not the rule. In fact most of the graphics are so clear that even those that need glasses should have no problems with the book.

Mr. Lapin has once again done an great service to all gun collectors. I truly believe this new work will become a standard issue item for Mauser collectors young and old. Its benefit to the new Mauser collector almost goes off the scale as with this guide they will be able to quickly ID just what they are looking at. The book is also a softcover and is small enough that one could carry it to gun shows.

The author gets a hardy "Well Done" from this reviewer as I found the work to simply be outstanding.


Thursday, March 14, 2002

Update: The second edition of this book is now out and is a great improvement over the initial work. Mr. Lapin has added many new sections and areas to his already fine book and it is simply outstanding. A must own for the Mauser Collector.

Purchase Info:

Hyrax Publishers LLC

PO Box 10885

Arlington, VA 22210


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This superior guide is packed with more models, all-color photos and Mauser history tailored to meet your needs and collecting interests.This book provides the data about how and where the rifles were in employed in conflict and alphabetical format providing easy access to information.This book contains historical details, model specifications and markings, making for easy and accurate identification of arms.

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Hi charlesdwin, I was curious on info on a F.N. carbine with Colombian military crest on receiver, large ring M-98 action 30.06 17.3 inch barrel modified receeiver to accept 30.o6 with .30 stanped by bolt no date. Any help appreciated, Tony-08
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