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Review From Michael Jon Littman

Karl-Heinz Wrobel has written the finest book on the subject of Mosin-Nagantrifles in publication. His book, Drei Linien Die Gewehre Mosin-Nagant,re-sets the bar higher in recent attempts to document the history of this much maligned and oft misunderstood rifle. The book is 398 pages long and the text is written in German. It is lavishly illustrated with period photos, charts, graphs, other illustrations. In addition it is embellished with photos taken by the author during his research in some of the most prominent collections and museums in the world. Of particular note are a series of photos taken in the arsenal at Ishevsk during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), the Tsarvitch Alexie with a Mosin-Nagant, and many more fascinating and revealing photos.

Of interest to those fans and collectors of the Mosin-Nagant are text sections on the following rare variations of Mosin-Nagant: Cossack Rifle, Gendarmerie Carbine, M1907! Carbine, experimental rifles leading to the development of the M1891/30, a large and intricate section on Finish Mosin-Nagants, a large section on sniper rifles and their accessories, the Polish wz.91/98/23, wz.91/98/25, wz.91/98/26, captured weapons and their markings, the M1891/30, and the M1944. There are many many more models examined but space and time preclude an extensive inventory of them. This book is clearly the result of a labor of love on the part of Mr. Wrobel.

His extensive knowledge of the rifles and his connections to other collectors, world wide, has allowed him to examine the story of the Mosin-Nagant in its entirety without the constraints of national borders or the whims of what the importer may or may not have brought to our shores. I would be remiss if I did not mention the large and extensive section on bayonets and other accessories; all illustrated with photos and clear concise descriptions, albeit in German.

It is the opinion of this reviewer that Mr.Wrobel has done the Mosin-Nagant collecting fraternity a great service with the publication of his book. It cannot be stated enough that this book is an instant classic that will be a very hard act to follow for any future author who sets out to best this book in its scope and quality. Other books may come that are more specialized, but as to a general examination of the Mosin-Nagant it must be conceded that Mr. Wrobel is the master author of this subject.

Michael Jon Littman

Tuco's First Shot Staff Writer
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