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Book....... Mauser Original Oberndorf Sporting Rifles

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I have been trying to find the Book Mauser Original Oberndorf Sporting Rifles and cannot find one since it’s out of print. Does anyone know if the book The Mauser Archive will have some of the same information need to research early Commercial and Military Sporting rifles? With the help from this forum it appears that I have a Type L sporting rifle made in 1913 and would like to find out more about this rifle? Does anyone know if there will be another printing of Mauser Original Oberndorf Sporting Rifles ?
Thanks for all the help I have received.
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Art: Originally I identified your Mauser as a Type L "Afrikan Model" in the previous thread. I have since taken a closer look at the photos and it appears to have a 24" barrel. Original Type L Mausers have a 27 1/2" barrel. If it is a 24" barrel, your rifle started life as a Mauser Type G (full stock rifle) that was modified by cutting the stock forend back several inches. Unfortunately, this affects the collector value substantially. You still have a fine looking rifle that was built in 1913.
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