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bnz 44 SS contract

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I had posted this a couple years back when I originally bought it. The lighting outside finally was just right today for some pictures so I did some detailed ones which certainly are much better than the old cellphone ones I had posted. bnz 44, SS contract, bolt m/m vet bring back. Picked it up at a local swap meet for under $200 Bore is mint, just an overall great piece and one of my favorite finds (second only to my Type 2 Arisaka paratrooper rifle find) Interesting in that while the rifle is serial 115, both bands are 116 it appears to be a factory error. Still has its original Steyr sight hood, I pretty much received it fresh form the closet condition including lint, dust and spider webs.

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if you can find a self matching Steyr bolt, preferably with. I letter suffix I'll trade you.
Well, I do have a matching BNZ bolt, it is O suffix. Unfortunately, It has a matching receiver.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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