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BLOW OUT OF THE DAY Kriss Super V Vector 45acp Carbine

Price: $1,474.99

This deal is only valid 5/17/14 9:30 am to 5/19/14 9:30am EST

The patented KRISS system virtually eliminates felt recoil and muzzle climb.

Package standard equipment includes an adjustable folding stock, top/bottom Picatinny Rails, ambidextrous F/S controls, custom flip-up iron sights, light receptacle cover for optional Surefire Executive Series lights, cable lock and one Glock 21 13-round magazine

The CRB is civilian legal with compliant models available for most states.

Package standard equipment includes
• Top/bottom Picatinny Rails
• Ambidextrous F/S controls

• Grip storage module for extra batteries
• Light receptacle cover for optional Surefire Executive Series lights
• Cable lock
• 13-round GLOCK magazine

By Federal law, we can only ship firearms to an FFL licensed gun dealer Check all local laws and regulations before purchasing

When purchaseing a firearm Email a copy of your FFL to [email protected] or fax a copy to 937 459 5434

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