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G'day all,

I've just finished reading the book "THE ENFIELD INCH AND THE LITHGOW .303" by Tony Griffiths. It was sent to me from my brother while he was at Singleton as a late birthday present. He visited the small arms museum but forgot to take his camera!!!

I would recommend it to everyone interested in the .303 but more specifically those who are interested in Lithgow production. It gives a great insight into the problems faced by Lithgow and the great stuff up entitled "the Enfield inch", I won't go into detail and ruin the book. The book also gives details of the early stages of Lithgow and is quite amusing at times, talking about because of the close proximity to farm land how sheep would some times wonder through the factory.

I'm not sure where the book is available from but I think it was around $15.00. Well worth the dosh.

I'm not sure if Clyde has made it yet to the new forum but I have been looking for that book you mentioned and can see I will be looking for it for a while. It's like looking for a copy of the Lee Enfield story before the latest book came out, all most no where has one and when you do find one it's bloody expensive.

Cheers all,
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