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I went to the Blade Show near Atlanta today. Lots of great bladesmiths, knife makers and all the big cutlery manufactures like Gerber, SOG, Kershaw, etc. were showing their wares. If you are into blades, you will love the fantastic knives at the Blade Show. Lots of collectible knives and such also.

One fellow had tables full of M-1, 03 bayonets, machetes, Bolo knives and such and he knew what they were worth. At the other end of his tables, he had a pile of AK and AKM bayonets, mostly Romanian but a couple that the tag said were Hungarian marked, Yugo Mauser and a couple of VZ52 bayonets. I kept looking for the 02 stamp on the Hungarian somewhere but couldn't see it.

As I put it down, I noticed the pommel of what looked like an Enfield Bayonet. I dug it out and it turned out to be a WSC stamped No. 5, Mk 1 Jungle Carbine Bayonet with scabbard. That was great, I haven't seen one for sale for a long time. Then I turned over the price tag and it said $25.00. Needless to say, it came home with me. My non-import stamped Jungle Carbine is now complete. I am indeed a happy camper.
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