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NH, Vt. firefighters battle fire, explosion at black powder gun factory near Canadian border
05-14-2010 12:23 PM MST
COLEBROOK, N.H. (Associated Press) --

Officials say has been an explosion at a black powder gun company in far northern New Hampshire.

It is unclear if anyone was hurt in the fire and explosion at the MDM Muzzleloader plant in Colebrook.

Mishel Fenn, who works at an inn two blocks away, says her building shook in the initial blast, and that the explosions are continuing, with black smoke spewing from the building. She says streets are being closed off and nearby buildings are being evacuated.

Officials say firefighters and police from New Hampshire and Vermont are on the scene. Colebrook is less than 10 miles from the Canadian border.

They also make a black power substitute under the name BlackMag Industries of Colebrook, NH.
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