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The tanks are german, Leopard2A4.
I also see some russian tanks, or am I mistaken?
But I like the AMV best:))))))
Yes, Leopard 2A4 is Finnish main battle tank (MBT) in these days. Finnish Defence Forces is still using some Soviet-made armour, but not too much. We still have few dozen BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) and MT-LB armoured personnel carrier (APC). We used to have about 200 or so T-72M1 main battle tanks, but now they are getting retired and scrapped. BMP-1 IFV and T-55M MBT have probably already been scrapped. Much of the T-72M1 and BMP-1 came from ex East-German stocks. CV-9030 IFV shown in some photos is Swedish with US-made 30-mm automatic cannon. Some of the Finnish armour vehicles like Marksman AA-tanks are quite international - Polish made T-55 hull, British made turret, Swiss 35-mm Oerlikon guns and US-made radar. :) Obviously our wheeled APC are Finnish made Pasi variants and AMV.

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