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Didn't realise you hadn't seen one. I just had a look to see if I had a pic that showed more of it. This is the best I have on file. It stands just under shoulder height for me, the legs have a spreader bar around them about 10 inches above the ground. The legs have sharpened points ... the bit drawn in red is what I'm missing- it's an elevation screw set up. If anyone knows where I can find one... it's a left hand thread inside a right hand thread. Turning the knob extends or retracts both ends of it, raising or lowering the elevation.
I can think of a Military Range in SA where there are 4 concreted into the ground and have been there as long as I remember. I'll have a look and see if the elevator arrangement is still on one for you.

The auctioned 1923 went for $575 plus 12%, and discribed as an FTR, it was wrapped in plastic and hard to pick the details so was a bit of a gamble, but appeared to still have maple timber all over and a nicely marked butt, I chased it but was saving myself for something else that I never got anyway.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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