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None of your business.
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As I understand the Big 5 situation, those stores that sell the most milsurps get priority on replacements, while those that don't move their stock very fast have to wait until the fast movers are supplied.

I do know that of the two stores near me, one gets a LOT more mil surps than the other. The one with the big selection is usually sold out the day the ads come out, while the other one will still have some stock 1 or 2 days later.
There are MANY Big 5's in my area and ALL have stated that "...Store #XXX is a gun store because of their sales. They get the most replacements". There are at least two of these stores in the Phoenix area. As for the 91/59's, each store in the area got one. That's it. I was told it was a market test.

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