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Well I have owned both in the past and I still have my RC 98.... The VZ 24 I had came from AIM and had a nice lion crest but a beat to heck stock and a sewer for a bore would not even hit paper at 50 yards, could have rebarreld it but sold it in stead. My RC 98 has all nazi markings in tact and has a mint bore will shoot a two inch group at 100 yards no problem. That said IF you can find a VZ 24 in the same condition as an RC 98 it would just be a matter of personal preference, I like the finger groved stocks of the VZ 24 better then the K98's, more comfortable to shoot for me. Have you thought about looking for a nice condition south american mauser? a 1908 or 1909 mauser is top notch in quality.
As far as the yugo mausers go...personal preference again, to me the stocks in the wrist area are to thick and I don't hold them as comfortable as a VZ or K98 depends on your hand size.
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