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A can of Brake Clean, not the "non-clorinated" version, is a very handy addition to have around. Just use it in well ventilated area's. It will blast out small hard to get places and dries with no film, a best friend to me. I also used compressed air in the shop to evenly distribute the oil through the Mak. A small water filter is needed if you have moisture in your lines.

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.38 caliber handgun boresnake, a can of gunscrubber and a can of rem oil.

I remove the grips and magazine, field strip slide off receiver.

Spray barrel interior with gunscrubber.

Run boresnake through barrel three or four times.

Spray frame and internals with gunscrubber well. Spray bolt face and interior of slide well Let dry.

Remove magazine spring retaining clip from bottom, remove spring and follower.

Spray magazine housing and follower with gun scrubber, allow to dry.

Spray magazine, follower, and spring with Rem Oil, re-assemble and install spring retainer.

Spray all parts of frame and slide with light coating of Rem oil.

Re-assemble slide onto frame.

Re-install grips.

Wipe exterior of gun and magazine with dry cloth, insert magazine into gun.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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