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Hello all!

You read this right, this is by far the best method I have found for making 6.5mm/7.35mm clips into 8mm Mauser clips for our forgotten 8mm Carcano's!

Here's what you will need:
  • 6.5mm/7.35mm Carcano Clips
  • A regular Carcano clip release (8mm ones are longer).
  • A pair of flat nosed pliers
  • A hammer
Part Switching

First you will need to get your hands on a 6.5mm/7.35mm Carcano clip release. These are way shorter than the 8mm Mauser gun ones for some reason. Replace this part and you will no longer have issues with the bolt hitting the back of the clip. The clip release pictured above is the 8mm one.

Clip Modification

  1. First, you will need of course a regular 6.5mm/7.35mm Carcano clip
  2. Next get a pair of pliers and flatten the back ridge of the clip on both sides.
  3. Then carefully apply pressure with your pliers (but not too much) to the sides where the ridge is that retains the brass. Don't go too far, otherwise the 8mm ammo will have a hard time staying in the clip.
  4. Lastly, carefully flatten out the remainder of the spine with a hammer so the whole spine is to the new dimensions. DO NOT flatten the middle tab though, as then the clip will not be retained in the gun! (Optional step if you have deep enough pliers I suppose).
  5. Then now you can enjoy your newly adjusted 8mm Mauser Carcano clip!
Working Proof


Also, I simply marked them with some white paint to distinguish them from my regular Carcano clips. Just for my sake I suppose.

Hopefully this guide will help some of you with the old 8mm Mauser Carcano clip mystery! I really didn't want to cut into the clip or bubba the gun in anyway so this is what I finally came up with. I realized that the clip release was different on the 8mm Carcano's as I took both my regular and my 8mm carcano's apart and compared everything involved with the ammo/clip part of the gun.

Thanks for giving my guide a view!

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Basically what my own design does. Uses a Comm88 folder for a Modified C.88 Blank.
( shortened to give the Carcano's fore-aft lenght, and
Re -configuring the side-hole punch-outs to two narrower holes, arranged like an "8".
Back latch cut and punched to match "7,9 S" latch.
Makes a clip which fits the Carcano grooves in Mag well ( thickness and length, as well as correct width for 5 7,9 case heads. ( .470 vs .449)
The finished "8" clip will fit the 7,9 cartridges perfectly, and more consistent than hand modified ones...
Only problem is completion of Blank, punch and fold
Tooling interrupted by ( a) Covid & ( b) my own open heart surgery in Early December. ..with further Antibiotic therapy for 6 into Rehab,
For a further 6 weeks...weak as a day old puppy.
Plus the late summer heat (30 to 36° C) and heavy Monsoonal rains make work impossible.

Will have functional Carcano M38/ 7,9S chargers ready later in year ( by US Fall).

Doc AV
Brisbane Australia

P.S. Normal steel M91 Carcano
Chargers will be ready by May...tooling all ready, steel strip in stock...just got to set up and get my muscular off-sider to swing the screw- press....
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