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The hammer spring is a real bugger! Took apart one of my Bobcats (almost 35yrs old) for a long overdue overhaul. Real battle to get the spring back in as it is very strong and requires a lot of compression.
The "sticky" may not be in the trigger but the connecting bar rubbing against the frame. On that gun, mine showed considerable wear from the friction. Polished up bright the inward face of the bar and the frame and treated with MolyLube which greatly smoothed out the trigger pull.
It also had considerable "peaning" on the tracks of the slide that was making it almost impossible to remove. A little filing and polishing along with some re-peaning effort on the frame. The real problem was the cross pins for the ejector which had worked out to the left and become flattened out against the frame. Had to grind off the excess.
Inox version has not shown any considerable wear or problem.

Forget a factory overhaul ...
As the gun was almost one of the first Bobcat 21A produced, and has thousands of rounds through it, I called Beretta Service Dept. about doing a refurb on it.
They were pretty blunt about the refurb being almost the cost of a new one!

It has been sucessfully salvaged and turned over to son who continues to shoot and carry it.
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