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A very informative posting by David Franchi (but isn't he always? :)):

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Posted - 12/28/2003 : 1:07:59 PM
The price ($ 120) is good. Keep in mind that late war Beretta pistols with the "Quarto Uffico Tecnico" stamp were also used with German armed forces, and need not have a Waffenamtsabnahmestempel.

Posted - 12/31/2003 : 12:10:16 PM
I would say the price is a good deal, if matching (frame, slide, and barrel) Note late war pistols won't have a serial on the slide. 95% or all 1944 (none are dated 1945, during the war, later pistols have a "blank" slide.)

M1935 Beretta's were sold to the Germam Military, it doesn't have to be WaA162 (very, very rare) or 4UT marked to be German used. Breakdown of serials "Sold" to the Germans and others is:

500000 to 509000 German Army, Italian RSI Army & Navy, and "Sporting Dealers".

509000 to 525000 German Army.

525000 to 534000 German Army & Japanese Army.

534000 to 599000 German Army.

599000 to 615969 German Army and Italian RSI.

Last Model 1935 (.32) pistol sold to the Germans was #615969 on April 17, 1945.
David Franchi

Paul Parrish
Posted - 12/31/2003 : 6:56:13 PM
Thanks to EVERYONE who responded. I did buy this gun for $ 118.00 out the door. Bore is VG ++; overall VG. Does have 4 UT marking. Serial # 5348xx, so apparently went to the German army. Very nice pistol; not crude in any way! Thanks again.

Posted - 01/02/2004 : 4:14:54 PM
They were sold to Japan, this doesn't mean they ever got there. There were German submarines making trips to Japan to the end of the war, bringing ME262 & ME162 jets (not sure if I got the "ME" numbers right), atomic bomb info, and uranium ore, plans and drawings for other "secret weapons" etc, a small crate of Beretta pistols could have been on one of the German Subs. David Franchi

Posted - 01/03/2004 : 03:38:42 AM
I agree with David, both Japanese I-Boats and German U-Boats were attempting the perilous passage as late as '45, the final cargoes included bullion/rare metals(including aluminum) some captured intelligence "specimens" speculated to include crash-salvaged Allied avionics and yes, Me-262 and -163(jet turbine and rocket pumps/nozzles and plans)While I have read no account of small arms in those final ladings they may indeed lie at the bottom of the Indian Ocean-China Sea et al with the rest of the groceries. For that matter I'd be surprised if some of the Type I rifles didn't make the trip by sub earlier. BTW To readers looking for a harrowing narrative of submarine warfare read the story of the I-Boats; brave, well-trained men, largely wasted by sorry leadership at the highest echelon -Pete
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