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116686385 Gunbroker just closed.

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Only thing that matters is if the ChineseJapanese marking is legit. If it is, the rifle has an elusive Russo-Japanese War connection. That would make it really cool!
What Radom says! The rifle itself is easily worth half again what the auction price was in Europe. If the Chinese doesn't translate to "DIE! Yankee Dog!" or "Customized for stupid Tourist" then the price goes up further. The stamping over the eagle is part of its history. The Nam story is probably hype, but you never know. My 1894 Dragoon came back from WWII Japan via a GI. It has no writing on it so its history will always be in question. This could have a solid connection to the 1905 war and in that case a great find for somebody.

This would definitely be a piece I would like to have in my collection. I love pieces with verifiable history.

1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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