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Hi Ned,
There were no Mle 1935 varients of this type in the Belgian Army's (Credit-Communal) 1988 catalog, or WW II era German documents. The Credit Communal catalog and the Wehrmacht's D.50 series of manuals on foreign ordnance and small arms contain the only decent historical listings of Belgian small arms that I know of. I personally have never seen a rifle like this. However, someone obviously went to a lot of trouble to do this work so professionally. A WW II German connnection is the first thing that somes to mind. Is the bayonet bar notched on just one side, or both?

I also see that the unique ramp on the normal Mle 1935's handguard to protect a soldier's hand from the raised hinge on the lower band, has been removed the the handguard on your modified rifle.
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