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Symbol of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus

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22.03.2012 19:12


Large-scale exercises held by Belarusian military. The exercises are taking place at the Borsiov and Osipovichi polygons. Prototypes of the Belarusian military industry were tried out today for the first time.

Alexander Smirnov reports: Yesterday the 120th brigade celebrated its 70th anniversary. And today its soldiers are celebrating the holiday in battle by holding training exercises.
The brigade was formed in 1942 and had many heroes. And for this training about 1,500 people were called up from reserve.

(Igor Kovalenko, military in reserve)

(Sergei Shkuratov, plotter of map section of the 120th brigade)
Today another development of Belarusian engineers passed tests.

The militaries were the ones who had to test the new development and for this they received another portion of praise from the Minister.

(Yuri Zhadobin, Minister of Defense of the Republic of Belarus)
The Minister stressed that the most important thing is that the exercises were aimed at building the initiative and the creativity of the soldiers.

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