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Bear Arms Lee Enfield Wood

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Anyone used the newly manufactured LE stock sets from Bear Arms ?

I can't seem to access their Enfield products. I have tried Emailing them without success.
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I have received this Email from Bear Arms:

"Currently have TEMPLATES, and making,Lee Enfield number 4 mk I , and "Jungle Carbine. Can make ANY OTHER MODELS, as long as you can Lend your stock set to be replicated. What's in it for you? I will repair/ refinish as necessary, your "LOAN" set FOR FREE (see NOTE*), when you purchase mine, and I will return your repaired/ refinished old set along with new one to you!!
Cost of NEW stock set in:
1. TEAKWOOD and Oil finished.....$199.00
2. Walnut and Poly finished............$169.00
3. European Beechwood, poly finished, light chestnut $169.00 .

Customer to pay S&H both ways.

*NOTE: This offer is good only for the FIRST ARTICLE of a model I do not currently have template for.

Pricing DOES NOT include metal hardware. Can quote hardware separately if available at time of ordering."
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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