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i hate to keep beating a dead horse here, but i am going to take it in in a week and want to be sure i don't damage my friends firearm. is the consensus that i should remove absolutely everything, take in the external parts such as the slide, frame, hammer, safety, etc, and then should i plug all the holes with rolled up paper or tape to ensure it doesn't mess up how things fit together afterwards? also, the inside of these parts needs to be blasted as well, correct?

again, sorry for the noob questions, i just want to be sure i get it right the first time around
Any surface that you want the parkerizing to take on must be finish free,oil, grease and dirt free, (usually bead blasted), then rinsed in fresh water by your professional before immediately putting them into the tank.
I have parkerized alot of complete weapons, internal fit and tolerances are usually not affected, however no springs, barrel bores or firing pins.

So I would tell you to disasemble completely, take what you want parked, but forego plugging or masking anything other than tight cork or wood plugs if parking a barrel.
Oh, if you can, stick around and watch, once dipped the process for individual parts takes only a few minutes, your man will pull them, wash them in fresh water, hand or blow dry then oil them down.
In fact we can park and assemble a 1919 in a few hours......drinking beer,LOL!!
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