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Four digit serial numbers:
bcd 4 7703gg RC
bcd 4 8397gg RC Century
bcd 4 71hh NIM, partially matching
bcd 4 980hh GunBroker, stripped barreled receiver including rear sight base, trigger, and sear only;"ch8H656" barrel ring markings, markings intact
bcd 4 1473hh NIM(?), GunBroker, mostly mismatched (rear sight, TG, FP, & a band listed as matching by seller but few pix)
bcd 4 1952hh RC IO
bcd 4 2245hh RC, FN barrel
bcd 4 2935hh NIM, mismatched stock
bcd 4 3154hh RC IO
bcd 4 3568hh GunBroker, mismatched
bcd 4 4177hh Zf 41
bcd 4 6227hh NIM, blued, matching except bolt, red glue non-Km, no#MTG, #ed MFP w/"l", #ed SMUB/MLB
bcd 4 7188hh RC, TG Knox import
bcd 4 9790hh NIM, blued, milled, matching
bcd 4 1253 BBOTW
bcd 4 4126 GunBroker, NIM, matching, #ed red glue lam. non-Km, blued, #ed SMUB/MLB, #ed "d" MTG, "26" #ed ejector box, "26" #ed sear, "4126" #ed safety
bcd 4 5228 blued
bcd 4 7886 NIM, blued, matching, MFP, MTG, #d bands (MLB, SMUB)
bcd 4 9315 NIM, blued, m/m bolt, #ed non-Km stock, SMUB/SLB, MTG/MFP
bcd 4 179a NIM, blued, missing bolt, TG, and FP;#ed white glue lam., #ed SMUB
bcd 4 493a NIM, matching, #ed white glue lam. C stock w/o E/H, #ed SMUB/MLB, "93" #ed ejector box
bcd 4 3337a RC, GunBroker
bcd 4 4019a RC, IO
bcd 4 6147a NIM, GunBroker, matching bolt, #ed MTG, #ed MFP, refinished stock, m/m handguard
bcd 4 7900a AA, NIM, blued, SpSt, matching bolt, #ed MTGWLS, #ed MFP, #ed ejector box, safety, cocking piece, & bolt sleeve
bcd 4 8016a NIM, blued, MTG, SUB, MLB
bcd 4 8516a RC, TG Knox import
bcd 4 1018b RC
bcd 4 1448b NIM, GunBroker, matching metal in m/m stock & m/m bands, "48" #ed ejector box, "1448" #ed safety, "1448" #ed STGWLS, "1448" #ed 1 marked MFP, ground down receiver in rear bridge/charger area;(stripped and sold as individual parts on GunBroker 10/2011)
bcd 4 3278b RC
bcd 4 3728b NIM, m/m
bcd 4 5293b NIM, matching except bolt and floorplate, ch e/140 marked bbl
bcd 4 5859b RC
bcd 4 6893b RC Century
bcd 4 8749b NIM
bcd 4 9307b NIM, matching, STG, MFP, SUB, SLB, blued, non-Km
bcd 4 2299d GunBroker, Mitchells frigged
bcd 4 2657d NIM, blued
bcd 4 2682d RC Cole
bcd 4 2990d GunBroker, imported by Concorde Arms, LA, CA. Mismatched.
bcd 4 4527d RC R Guns import
bcd 4 4800d NIM, matching, blued
bcd 4 5497d CAI import
bcd 4 7172d RC TG import, WaA140/asterisk marked bbl shank, peened
bcd 4 699e RC, GunBroker
bcd 4 1653e NIM, m/m
bcd 4 2619e RC Century
bcd 4 4778e NIM, matching, MTG, MFP, no# SUB/SLB, laminated
bcd 4 5503e RC Empire
bcd 4 7273e RC Empire
bcd 4 7363e NIM, matching, laminated
bcd 4 7572e GunBroker, blued, matching #ed bolt, [all else correct type parts but unnumbered]
bcd 4 7999e RC
bcd 4 1101f GunBroker, imported, mismatched stock, no other numbers visible in auction photos
bcd 4 1824f GunBroker, barreled action only, matching to the extent parts are present, #ed "d" MTGWLS, #ed "1" MFP
bcd 4 4634f RC FAC
bcd 4 6193f TG import, DDR rework, complete m/m
bcd 4 9957f NIM, GunBroker, #ed "C" white glue lam. E/H standard stock, #ed SUB/MLB, no# d MTGWLS, #ed "1" MFP, #ed rear sight parts, "1" proofed bolt body #ed 9457f, no# safety
bcd 4 7872g CAI import, mismatched
bcd 4 8565g NIM, blued, matching, "C" red glue lam. w/o E/H, no# MTGWLS, #ed "1" MFP, #ed SMUB/#ed MLB
bcd 4 896h RC Empire
bcd 4 1368h RC Gunbroker
bcd 4 4074h RC GunBroker
bcd 4 4152h RC Cole
bcd 4 5025h NIM, GunsAmerica
bcd 4 5744h RC, GunBroker
bcd 4 6098h NIM, GunBroker, blued, matching bolt & FP only, 1943 dated avk barrel
bcd 4 7593h,NIM, blued, matching bolt (m/m cocking piece/firing pin), m/m stock, m/m HG, m/m lower band, #ed SMUB, no# "1" MFP, no# byf STG
bcd 4 8401h RC GunBroker, ch bbl, peened swastikas
bcd 4 8521h RC GunBroker
bcd 4 3219i NIM, blued, laminated, STG, MFP
bcd 4 3427i RC Joe Salter
bcd 4 5831i mismatched bolt, cyw coded bbl
bcd 4 6455i fake sniper
bcd 4 6846i NIM, matching, blued, C marked stock, SUB/SLB, MTG/MFP
bcd 4 6952i RC, Allans Armory
bcd 4 9199i NIM, matching, blued, STG/SFP/SUB/SLB, machined follower, C lam. nKm
bcd 4 9705i NIM, white lam. non-Km
bcd 4 168j RC FAC
bcd 4 4003j GunBroker, m/m bolt, m/m stock
bcd 4 9180j RC Empire
bcd 4 9344j NIM, blued, m/m bolt, m/m TGD, SpSt
bcd 4 552k NIM, matching
bcd 4 1359k GunBroker, Miltech rework
bcd 4 3262k RC Cole
bcd 4 7723k RC FAC
bcd 4 8173k MFP MTG UEL SUB SLB m/m bolt, blued, all markings intact, non-RC.
bcd 4 4771L NIM, matching, blued, C marked stock
bcd 4 8010L NIM,matching exc. firing pin,blued, white glue lam. E/H non-sKm, #ed SMUB/SLB/"1" MFP/stock,no# MTGWLS,non-Km
bcd 4 1314m NIM, matching, blued, white glue lam. non-sKm, SMUB, SLB
bcd 4 4055m NIM, GunBroker, m/m
bcd 4 5083m RC
bcd 4 5173m NIM, duffle cut, bolt m/m, #ed red glue lam. E/H, #ed SMUB/MLB, "a" MTG, #ed "l" MFP
bcd 4 5512m NIM, Trader, partially sporterized stock, matching, #ed SMUB/MLB, #ed MFP
bcd 4 5700m NIM, m/m bolt, blued, all milled, E/H red glue laminated stock
bcd 4 6321m GunBroker, importer numbered receiver, defaced firing proofs, m/m bolt
bcd 4 8193m NIM, blued, milled bands
bcd 4 8489m RC, GunBroker
bcd 4 8839m NIM, GunBroker, blued, SpSt, matching metal, no#MTG, #ed MFP
bcd 4 9599m RC, GunBroker
bcd 4 447n NIM, m/m
bcd 4 954n NIM, red glue lam. E/H, blued, bolt #ed 654n, bolt sleeve and safety #ed 654, #ed MFP, #ed SUB/MLB
bcd 4 1802n NIM, completely m/m
bcd 4 3014n RC
bcd 4 3339n Century, blued, #d SUB/SLB, no# STG, #d MFP, m/m bolt, not sKm, fxo bbl
bcd 4 4404n NIM, matching, red glue lam. E/H, blued, safety #ed 4404, #ed SUB/MLB, STGWLS, #ed "1" MFP
bcd 4 5755n RC Empire
bcd 4 5867n peened, SUB/MLB
bcd 4 6022n GunBroker, barreled receiver only, peened firing proofs
bcd 4 8134n GunBroker, m/m barreled action only, peened firing proofs
bcd 4 8452n
bcd 4 240o GunBroker, firing proofs removed, m/m bolt, #ed "1" marked MFP
bcd 4 2399o RC Empire
bcd 4 2596o Israeli rebuild in 7.62, complete m/m
bcd 4 3370o double runes, not sKm, stamped bands, matching
bcd 4 4006o RC
bcd 4 4059o import marked, likely postwar Romanian used, peened swastikas, mostly m/m
bcd 4 4880o RC, TG Knox import
bcd 4 5109o IO, m/m bolt, stamped except MFP, avk bbl, lam. cupped, lxr stamped follower
bcd 4 6174o IO import
bcd 4 6248o GunBroker, CAI import, mismatched, defaced firing proofs, peened Waffenamts
bcd 4 6715o RC Empire
bcd 4 7404o import marked, GunBroker, obliterated firing proofs/Waffenamts, mismatched, "UW 44 bcd" barrel ring markings
bcd 4 7851o RC, GunBroker, replica LSR
bcd 4 7912o FGS import marked, demilled bbl, mismatched
bcd 4 9687o RC Empire
bcd 4 1031p RC, GunBroker
bcd 4 2851p RC Cole
bcd 4 5248p GunBroker, mismatched, blued
bcd 4 5343p RC FAC
bcd 4 5631p RC Empire
bcd 4 8596p RC Empire
bcd 4 8827p RC Empire
bcd 4 1077q RC, GunBroker
bcd 4 1328q RC Empire
bcd 4 5554q NIM, AA, SpSt, m/m bolt, no# d MTG, "5554" #ed MFP
bcd 4 6707q RC
bcd 4 2093r RC, GunBroker
bcd 4 2108r NIM, matching, blued, "C" E/H red glue lam. non-sKm, #ed SMUB/#ed MLB
bcd 4 2283r RC FAC
bcd 4 3211r RC Cole
bcd 4 4358r RC
bcd 4 7036r NIM, matching, blued, "C" laminated semi-Km, no# "d" MTGWLS, #ed "1" MFP
bcd 4 599s RC GunBroker
bcd 4 1149s RC GunBroker
bcd 4 1482s NIM, appears matching but has self matching bolt numbered 1482t ("l" marked bottom bolt flat and extractor, "e" marked bolt sleeve and safety)
bcd 4 1586s NIM, blued, matching bolt, #ed SMUB, #ed "1" MFP, MTG
bcd 4 1709s NIM, GunBroker, m/m
bcd 4 1769s NIM, m/m
bcd 4 1820s RC Cole
bcd 4 2082s NIM, matching except bolt sleeve, cocking piece, and firing pin, "C" and E/H marked standard lam. stock, #ed SMUB/MLB, #ed "1" MFP, barrel ring markings:"Bc E/13 *"
bcd 4 2711s NIM, Collectors Firearms, reported matching, red glue lam. non-sKm, MTG, SMUB, MLB
bcd 4 3815s RC Cole
bcd 4 5319s all matching except bolt (rifle in Belgium)
bcd 4 6746s GunBroker, rebuilt by the DDR then Iraqi jeem marked, m/m bolt, DDR #ed stock/parts otherwise
bcd 4 8460s RC Cole
bcd 4 9597s NIM, resto. project w/original #d MFP & un#ed MTG only
bcd 4 801t RC, GunBroker
bcd 4 2213t NIM, GunBroker, missing bolt, handguard, and bands;white glue lam. C standard stock, no# "d" MTGWLS, "1" 2213 MFP;stripped to barreled receiver with TG/FP and offered on GunBroker again 8/11
bcd 4 5083t NIM, milled except SUB & SLB, matching except factory m/m rear sight
bcd 4 6455t NIM (in Argentina), matching, white lam. non-Km, #ed MFP, #ed SMUB/MLB
bcd 4 6867t NIM, m/m
bcd 4 9788t NIM, GunBroker, m/m bolt, #ed SMUB, no# qnw STG, #ed "1" MFP
bcd 4 9865t GunBroker, blued, matching bolt, Nazi firing proof removed from barrel shank
bcd 4 29u RC, Century
bcd 4 285u NIM, Gunbroker, blued, m/m bolt and stock
bcd 4 1432u NIM, Gunbroker, blued, m/m bolt and stock, #ed "l" marked MFP
bcd 4 2383u NIM, matching except safety, STG, no# byf SFP, missing bands
bcd 4 4998u NIM, GunBroker, m/m bolt, bcd bbl, blued, red glue lam. non-Km, "1" marked #ed MFP, trigger shortened, hole drilled in barrel shank
bcd 4 5223u NIM,blued,ce bbl,#ed SUB & SLB,qnw STG,m/m handguard,m/m SFP,not sKm
bcd 4 6553u NIM, GunBroker, matching, E/H red glue lam. non-sKm stock, white glue lam. HG, #ed SMUB/MLB, MTGWLS, "1" #ed MFP
bcd 4 9480u NIM, matching, blued, C stock, no# qnw STG, #ed MFP, #ed SMUB/MLB
bcd 4 9840u NIM, blued, milled, not sKm, matching
bcd 4 1606v RC Century import, ce bbl
bcd 4 2098v RC Empire
bcd 4 2630v RC(?), CAI import marked barrel, complete mismatch, GunBroker
bcd 4 5504v NIM, GunBroker, stock appears to be Sauer but internally #ed 3540, o/w matching, no # byf 135 STGWOLS, #ed MFP
bcd 4 6524v NIM, matching, white glue lam. C non-sKm, no# STGWLS, no# MFP, SUB/SLB
bcd 4 700x RC, built as repro LSR, completely renumbered
bcd 4 1085x RC Empire
bcd 4 3061x RC Empire
bcd 4 4351x RC FAC
bcd 4 4923x NIM
bcd 4 6346x RC Cole
bcd 4 6915x RC Empire
bcd 4 7011x NIM, matching, phosphate, no# non-sKm w/"C", no#SUB/no#SLB, no#MTG/no#"1"MFP, ce bbl, modified for Redfield type rear peep
bcd 4 9031x NIM, GunBroker, phosphated, matching barreled action in mismatched stock, safety #ed "9031"; "chAe" barrel ring markings
bcd 4 9913x RC
bcd 4 295y NIM, matching, white glue lam. E/H #ed non-sKm, #ed SMUB/SLB, no# byf STG, #ed MFP
bcd 4 1323y NIM, AuctionArms, m/m stock, m/m bolt, m/m TG, m/m FP, avk bbl
bcd 4 4691y RC
bcd 4 8206y blued
bcd 4 8851y GunBroker, NIM, matching, E/H "C" red glue lam. standard stock, no# SUB/SLB, no# "d" MTGWLS, no# "1" MFP, "e" "51" cocking piece, "51" firing pin, "51" safety, no# ejector box
bcd 45 7653z RC Cole

Five digit serial numbers:
bcd 4 110 NIM, matching, phos., E/H white glue lam. sKm, no# qnw STG/no# qnw SFP, no# SUB/SLB
bcd 4 4346 NIM, matching, phosphate, non-sKm red glue "C" stock , no# SUB/MLB
bcd 4 6342 NIM, matching, phosphate, C marked nKm lam., no# SUB/SLB, no# qnw STG/qnw SFP
bcd 4 6580 NIM, GunBroker, m/m bolt, possible stock m/m
bcd 4 6851 NIM, matching, phosphated barrel and bolt, blued receiever, lam. sKm
bcd 4 7343 NIM, GunBroker, matching, phosphated except blued bands, red glue lam. sKm, no# qnw STGWOLS, qnw SFP, no# SUB/SLB, firing proof not broken
bcd 4 7643 NIM, GunBroker, phosphated barreled action, complete m/m
bcd 4 9659, NIM, matching, mostly phos., E/H C marked stock
bcd 4 10305 NIM, GunBroker, phosphated barreled receiver, m/m bolt only, C marked semi-Km red glue lam. stock w/eagle H, no # SUB/SLB, no # STG/SFP
bcd 4 11650 NIM, GunBroker, phos., matching bolt, no# "d" MTG, MFP, ghn bolt sleeve, lxr stamped follower
bcd 4 12991 NIM
bcd 4 14155 BBOTW mixed phosphate, stamped, semi-Kriegsmodell
bcd 4 15467 NIM, completely mismatched, ce bbl
bcd 4 15944 NIM, matching but no stock, phos., lxr follower, no# qnw STG drilled for LS but not threaded, no# MFP
bcd 4 17473 NIM, m/m
bcd 4 17805 NIM, mostly phosphate, MFP, o/w stamped, not sKm
bcd 4 17999 NIM, matching barreled action only, phos., no# qnw STG, no # "1" MFP
bcd 4 18087 NIM, matching, phos., E/H non-sKm, lxr follower, no# qnw STG, no# MFP
bcd 4 20316 NIM, matching, phosphate except blued triggerguard
bcd 4 20422 phos., sKm, no# byf STGWOLS, no# byf SFP, SLB, blue SMUB
bcd 4 21191 NIM, matching, phosphate except blued no# SFP/qnw no# STG, E/H red glue lam. non-sKm, no# SUB/no# SLB
bcd 4 21523 NIM, GunBroker, m/m bolt, m/m floorplate, m/m bands, red lam. non-Km
bcd 4 22326 NIM, matching, qnw STG, MFP, ce bbl
bcd 4 22338 GunBroker, Miltech rework
bcd 4 22830 Mitchells Mausers hump job
bcd 4 23009 GunsAmerica, m/m bolt ("3000"), SpSt
bcd 4 25352 RC, GunBroker
bcd 4 25359 NIM, phony bcd/bnz 4 dual code, humped bolt
bcd 4 25365 NIM, m/m stock, m/m bolt, phosphated, no# 2 hole QNW STG, no# QNW SFP
bcd 4 26708 NIM, bnz bbl, m/m bolt, phosphated, SFP
bcd 4 29967 GunBroker, RC, OSR, ex-sniper, unbroken and intact firing proof
bcd 4 33582 GunBroker, RC, peened firing proofs
bcd 43 33590 not a typo, phosphate
bcd 4 34055 NIM, GunBroker, matching, phos. except rear sight and lxr follower, red glue lam. no# E/H "C" non-sKm, intact firing proof, no# SUB/SLB, no # d MTGWLS, no# LU SFP
bcd 4 34086 NIM, OSR, matching bolt
bcd 4 34459 NIM
bcd 4 34786 NIM, matching, stamped, phosphate receiver, bbl & FP o/w blued, sKm
bcd 4 34868 NIM, matching, phosphate except safety, no#SUB/SLB, MTG, qnw SFP, no# non-Km, avk bbl
bcd 4 35630 NIM, matching, phos., red glue lam. sKm, no# SUB/SLB, blue no# qnw STG, no# LU SFP
bcd 4 35875 NIM, matching, phosphate
bcd 4 35908 NIM, matching, phosphate, laminated
bcd 4 36416 NIM, matching, phosphate except floorplate, "43 avk" bbl, SUB/MLB
bcd 4 36433 NIM, AA, matching, "avk Bt" bbl, E/H red glue lam. #ed non-Km, no#SUB/MLB, MTGWOLS/SFP
bcd 4 36645 GunBroker, blued barreled receiver only, avk Bw marked barrel shank
bcd 4 37032 NIM, matching, phosphated
bcd 4 37055 NIM, phosphated except handspring, no# MTG/SFP, no# SUB/MLB, avk barrel, not semi-Kriegs
bcd 4 39532 NIM, GunBroker, phosphate except blued SFP, follower, & likely bayo mount; E/H red glue lam. standard stock, no# "d" MTGWLS, no# e/214(?) SFP, no# SUB/SLB, no# lxr follower, no# "l" bayo. mount, no# i rear sight leaf, e safety
bcd 4 41202 RC
bcd 4 41265 NIM, matching, partial phos., chattered red glue lam. E/H non-Km, no# 4 hole "d" MTG, no# "1" MFP, SUB/SLB
bcd 4 41375 Century, m/m, ground WaA's, barreled action phosphated
bcd 4 41481 NIM, all milled, mostly phosphate, matching, not sKm w/"C" and eagle/H, no# MLB/SMUB, no# MTG/MFP, ce bbl
bcd 4 44498 RC
bcd 4 45923 NIM, m/m bolt, SpSt "C", no# "d" MTGWOLS, no# "1" MFP, phosphate barreled receiver
bcd 4 45998 RC Empire
bcd 4 50794 NIM, matching, phosphate, unnumbered SUB & SLB, byf STG & SFP w/o #s
bcd 4 51494 RC, Tradexcanada LSR Replica
bcd 4 55042 RC GunBroker
bcd 4 55337 NIM, LSR, matching except upper mount, phos., s-Km, checkered CBP, E/37 inspected barrel
bcd 4 56304 RC Cole
bcd 4 56376 NIM, LSR, OSR, phosphate with blued scope base, non-sKm
bcd 4 57751 NIM, LSR, SUB/SLB, firing pin disassembly disk/tube setup & hole through toe of buttplate
bcd 4 57991 RC, GunBroker
bcd 4 58425 Import (Century), blued, m/m
bcd 4 58906 NIM,LSR.Blue:OSR,MLB,SUB.Phos:bolt,bbl,no# MFP,no# MTGWOLS.Not sKm
bcd 4 60375 NIM, matching, phosphate, avk bbl, STG/SFP, SUB/SLB
bcd 4 61594 NIM, Brocks, mostly phosphated, no# eagle H non-sKm stock, m/m handguard, no# 135 STG/no# byf SFP
bcd 4 64069 RC IO
bcd 4 64209 auction, m/m bolt, sKm stock
bcd 4 64926 Fed Ord import, East German rebarreled
bcd 4 65087 RC Empire
bcd 4 65131 NIM, GunBroker, matching, red glue lam. non-sKm stock, no# SUB/SLB, no# "d" MTGWLS, no# qnw SFP
bcd 4 68301 Interordnance import, phosphate barreled action, m/m
bcd 4 70148 NIM,matching,no# C marked sKm,phosphate,no# SUB/SLB/MTG,no#qnw SFP
bcd 4 71323 RC Gunbroker, avk bbl
bcd 4 71693 RC Empire
bcd 45 73020 NIM, mixed phosphate, not sKm
bcd 45 73572 NIM, matching except bolt, mostly phos., not sKm, blue qnw STGWOLS, blue no# 214 SFP, phos. SUB/SLB
bcd 45 75178 GunBroker, renumbered bolt, refinished metal
bcd 45 75263 RC FAC
bcd 45 75944 NIM
bcd 45 75994 KCN mixed phosphate, stamped, not semi-Kriegsmodell
bcd 45 76083 RC, LSR replica
bcd 45 76773 Empire, RC
bcd 45 78316 RC
bcd 4 80395 GunBroker, DDR rebuild with Iraqi Jeem marked rcvr, bys 26 marked barrel, peened firing proofs
bcd 45 83391 NIM, matching, phos. except floorplate, MTGWOLS, SFP, non-laminated (?) unmarked semi-Kriegsmodell
bcd 4 85320 Import (Century), blued, m/m
bcd 4 85779 IO, RC, MGB
bcd 45 86366 RC
bcd 45 86488 phos., m/m, blue qnw STGWOLS, 135 SFP
bcd 45 86617 KCN mixed phosphate, stamped
bcd 4 86851 NIM, LSR, matching, SpSt, MFP, MTGWOLS, phosphate
bcd 45 87200 RC
bcd 45 87302 NIM
bcd 4 87679 RC Cole
bcd 4 88095 NIM, matching, lam. no# E/H "C" non-sKM stock w/no# lam. HG, no# qnw STG, no# qnw SFP, avk43bys bbl, no# rear sight, no# SUB/SLB
bcd 4 88190 Brock's, NIM, LSR, mostly phos., matching except scope/mount, E/H red glue lam. standard stock, no# SUB/SLB, no# "d" MTGWOLS, no# "1" MFP, "90" #ed key safety, checkered BP
bcd 4 88200 NIM, matching, LSR, OSR, all phos. except "00" #ed blued key safety, checker BP, missing base, mount, & scope;no# "d" MTGWOLS, no# MFP, no# SUB/SLB, red glue E/H standard stock, "avk Cc" bbl
bcd 4 88901 machine gun barrel, MFP, MTG
blank receiver 89575 NIM, barreled action only ("1" marked), phosphate, OSR, LSR tapped
bcd 4 88904 NIM, MGB, matching, phosphate, STG, SFP
bcd 4 89234 NIM, MGB, matching, no# E/H "C" red glue non-Km, no# qnw STG, no# "1" MFP, no# "1" milled follower, "34" #ed safety, #ed "e" cocking piece, no# SMUB/SLB, no# "e" bayo mount, gqm 44 CBP
blank 89575 NIM, "1" marked barreled action only, phos., OSR, LSR tapped
bcd 4 89876 NIM, matching, white glue lam. standard stock, no# SMUB/SLB, no# "d" MTG w/o LS, no# qnw SFP, metal all phosphate
bcd 4 90099 MGB
bcd 4 90396 machine gun barrel, oversized receiver, MTGWOLS, SFP
bcd 45 91679 BBOTW
bcd 45 92309 NIM, MGB (?), matching, phosphate, lam. E/H sKm, no# qnw SFP, no# MTGWOLS, ghn bolt sleeve
bcd 45 92677 GunBroker, MGB, Iraqi Jeem marked, m/m stock
bcd 4 92751 matching, in Czech Republic, MGB
bcd 4 93080 NIM, matching, AA, phosphate, qnw MTQWOLS, MFP, non-Km, blue SUB/SLB, key safety, checker BP, LSR
bcd 45 93181 mixed phosphate, mismatched stock, LSR
bcd 4 93481 RC Empire
bcd 4 94367 NIM, m/m bolt, red glue eagle H standard stock, phosphated barreled receiver, MTGWOLS
bcd 4 94855 phos., matching bolt, m/m stock
bcd 4 94954 Fake OSR (machine work done to standard-sized receiver by humper)
bcd 4 95295 NIM, phosphated barreled receiver, MGB
bcd 4 96401 phos., matching except stock, qnw STGWOLS, qnw SFP, stamped bands (Czech)
bcd 4 96673 NIM
bcd 4 97351 NIM, matching, ce bbl, E/H "C" sKm, phosphate barreled action, blue qnwSTGWOLS/MFP, SUB/SLB
bcd 4 97353 GunBroker, SpSt, m/m bolt, missing rear sight base, no# qnw STGWOLS, MFP, lxr follower
bcd 4 97541 NIM, matching, ce bbl, E/H "C" standard stock, phos. except a few small parts, lxr follower, blued qnw STGWOLS, SFP, phos. SUB/blue SLB
bcd 4 97942 NIM, m/m bolt, SpSt, phosphate barreled receiver, phosphate no# d marked MTG, phosphate no# qnw SFP, 44 dated bbl
bcd 4 98742 ce barrel
bcd 4 99088 NIM, cxm 44 bys bbl, OSR, tapped for LSR mount, phosphated
bcd 4 99326 phosphate
bcd 4 99412 MGB
bcd 4 99899 BBOTW

Second series five digit serial numbers:
bcd 4 284 MGB, rifle in Germany
bcd 4 707 MGB
bcd 4 789 MGB, byf STG, qnw sFP, SUB blue, SLB blue, C proof handguard
bcd 4 1214 NIM, MGB
bcd 4 1309 RC Empire, MGB
bcd 4 1573 NIM, matching, mostly phosphate, MGB, blued no#SUB, bayo. mount, lam., no#byf STG/MFP
bcd 4 1603 NIM, mostly phosphate, MGB, UEL, sKm, m/m bolt, blued qnw STG, MFP
bcd 45 1656 NIM, GunBroker, renumbered bolt, MTGWOLS, MFP
bcd 4 3058 MGB
bcd 4 3245 AuctionArms, NIM, MGB, m/m bolt, phosphate except bands, TG, cleaning rod, qnw SFP, STGWOLS, SUB, SLB, sKm lam.
bcd 4 3739 NIM, matching, phosphate, duffle cut sKm, MGB, no# SUB/SLB
bcd 4 4242 BBOTW phosphate (or mixed?), machine gun barrel
bcd 4 4500 NIM, MGB, m/m bolt, phosphated barreled receiver
bcd 4 4683 machine gun barrel
bcd 4 5799 NIM, MGB, non-sKm, MTGWLS, MFP, SUB/SLB
bcd 45 8357 BBOTW
bcd 45 8802 NIM, all matching, phosphated except upper band, E/H C marked semi-Km, STG/SFP
bcd 45 9663 NIM, matching, phosphate except bands, FP, & TG. SUB/SLB, STG/SFP.
bcd 45 9952 NIM, matching
bcd 45 11182 RC Cole, Russians attempted to blue w/o first removing original phosphate
bcd 45 13065 NIM m/m
bcd 45 13266 collector enhanced. Renumbered bolt.
bcd 45 13332 Simpson LTD, red glue lam. semi-Kriegsmodell
bcd 45 13459 NIM, matching, mostly phos., "C" red glue lam. semi-Kriegsmodell without E/H, no fiWaA, phos. qnw no# STGWOLS, blued SFP, #ed ghn bolt sleeve, "59" #ed safety
bcd 45 13608 NIM, matching barreled action missing rear sight base and stock, blued(?), no# qnw STG/no# qnw SFP
bcd 45 13819
bcd 45 14065 KCN phosphate, stamped
bcd 45 14066 KCN stamped, semi-Kriegsmodell
bcd 45 14117
bcd 45 14172 GunBroker, matching, red glue lam. '"C" sKm, unbroken firing proof, ce/37 bbl, no# "1" SMUB/SLB, no# qnw STG, no# qnw SFP, no# italic "i" marked rear sight parts
bcd 45 14426 NIM, matching, SFP, MTG, SpSt
bcd 45 15223
bcd 45 18181 blued bbl & receiver, LSR

Gustloff receivers assembled by other manufacturers:
bcd 4 311ii RC WaAA80 fiWaA, A80 and dou marked barrel (Waffenwerke Bruenn, Bystrica plant)
bcd 4 1802n E/135 fiWaA (Mauser Oberndorf), GunBroker, mismatched
bcd 4 12329n E/135 fiWaA (Mauser Oberndorf)
bcd 4 1648 RC, Cole, peened marking between bcd and 4 (Steyr)
bcd 4 8847 RC, Cole single rune marked, no fiWaA (Steyr)
bcd 4 8816h RC, Cole single rune marked (Steyr)
bcd 4 361 NIM, GunBroker, matching except stock, Sauer commercial rifle with military firing proofs, high quality finish/blueing, U marked right receiver ring, diamond bottom bolt flat, #ed MTGWLS, #ed "l" MFP, no fiWaA on receiver ring
bcd 4 164s NIM, GunBroker, matching barreled action, STG, #ed SFP, m/m stock, m/m bands, m/m rear sight parts, E/37 fiWaA (Sauer)
bcd 4 1162s NIM, matching bolt/MFP/SUB/SLB, no# byf STG, #ed lam. stock, E/37 fiWaA (Sauer)
bcd 4 6168t NIM, matching, Eagle 37 fiWaA, lam. internal #d nKm, no#SUB/SLB, fxo bbl (Sauer)
bcd 4 6867t NIM, GunBroker, m/m bolt (Sauer)
bcd 4 8292U NIM, blued, LSR, OSR (Sauer)
bcd 4 1606v RC, Eagle 37 final inspection WaA (Sauer)
bcd 4 7210v NIM, matching except HG, blued, ce bbl, "d" MTGWLS, MFP, SUB/MLB (Sauer)
bcd 4 9757v NIM, GunBroker, eagle 37 final inspection WaA, E/H red glue lam. standard stock, m/m bolt, #ed rear sight parts, #ed SMUB/SLB, no# "d" MTGWLS, #ed "1" MFP, gqm 43 CBP, no# lxr follower (Sauer)
bcd 4 6046w NIM matching except upper band and firing pin, no# byf 135 STGWLS, #ed "6046" MFP, #ed SLB (Sauer)
bcd 4 730x NIM, matching, blued, ce bbl, red glue lam. non-Km, #ed SUB/SLB, no# byf 135 STGWOLS, #ed "1" MFP, #ed "e" safety (Sauer)
bcd 4 1016x DDR rework, Eagle 37 final inspection WaA (Sauer), original German matching bolt body
bcd 4 4724x NIM, #ed MFP, no # byf/135 STG, m/m stock, m/m bands, Eagle 37 fiWaA(?) (Sauer)
bcd 4 5180x NIM, LSR, e/37 marked receiver (Sauer)
bcd 4 8453x NIM, bolt and floorplate matching, ce bbl, E/37 fiWaA (Sauer)

NIM=non-import marked
IO=Interordnance import
FP=floor plate
MFP=machined floorplate
SFP=stamped floorplate
STG=stamped triggerguard
MTG=machined triggerguard
MTGWOLS=late variant machined triggerguard without provision for locking screws
sKm=semi-Kriegsmodell stock
UEL=uneven laminate stock
SpSt=sporterized stock
MGB=machine gun barrel
MLB=milled lower band
SMUB=speed milled upper band
SUB=stamped upper band
SLB=stamped lower band
OSR="oversized" variant receiver
LSR=long side rail sniper
fiWaA=final inspection Waffenamt
SPEWtSaCAA=Sheesh, Pisgah. Enough with the stupid and confusing abbreviations already.

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BCD4 20316,all matched, laminated, phosphated bolt and receiver, blue triggerguard, nim.

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bcd 4 s/n 9315, mm bolt

Eric -

thought I'd add the bcd 4 I have that has a mm bolt.

The rifle is a NIM "bringback" s/n 9315, no letter suffix, all-matching, including stock channel stamps. SMUB, MTG, MLB, all blued, MFP, non-sKm, 60% finish.

The bolt is a late Mauser, drilled vents, s/n 8060f.

Adam Lee

*fyi the ce44 is enroute!

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bcd 4
RC with TN Guns Knox TN import mark under muzzle
receiver: 8516 a
bbl: not sure of maker, has "dw" over "1" inside an upside-down frustum.
front band: H-style, 5762
rear band stamped with weld on side, 8834 on bottom
MTG, with lock screw, 608
Milled FP, 9060
laminate stock
flat buttplate, WaA 655, 8165 bb
bayo lug in the white, 16

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What is the purpose of this survey?
bcd 4's and 45's had more variation than all of the other years of assembly by Gustloff (true for the final two years of the war and all the other 98k manufacturers also). BOTW basically makes a mess of describing what one would expect to find on 1944-45 produced rifles. The purpose of the study is to help better understand the serial numbering, number of weapons produced, and patterns in parts usage and manufacturing techniques. If you buy or want to buy original condition matching rifles you can use it as one more tool in evaluating a prospective bcd 4 or bcd 45 purchase.

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More bcd's to add

Please add the following:

bcd 4 - 36416: All matching, NIM, Phosphate (almost clear), '43 avk bbl, MTG, SFP (blue), MLB, SUB

bcd 4 - 60375: All matching, NIM, Phosphate (grey), avk bbl, STG, SFP, SUB, SLB

bcd 45 - 9663: All matching, NIM, Phosphate (grey-green), bbl not marked above wood, STG (blue), SFP (blue), SUB (blue), SLB (blue)


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Pisgah, let me know which posts you want to delete after you've incorporated the information into the main posts. This is a good sticky.

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A while back, I got this bcd 4 RC from Classic that arrived in the following configuration. The russians managed to get the appropriate metal together.... Too bad the stock did not match.

It's still a mix-master, so Use whatever parts of the info provided for the survey that u deem fitting...

bcd 4 4880o RC TGI Knox, no# SFP, no# STG, SUB, SLB, 1"MFP, AVK bbl, fiWaA 749

hope this helps...

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Looks like i have a czech assembled one here

bcd 4 311ii, RC, R.Guns, M/M, Receiver and bbl WaA80 (Waffenwerke Brünn), Stock WaA135
There's no good reason why the Russians would have a postwar Czech-assembled rifle. What you have is a very early bcd 4 which is numbered at the tail end of the bcd 43 serial numbering.
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