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barrel offset

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About a year ago I purchase a completely rebuilt Turkish receiver, not long after that purchased a K98 barrel from Numrich to mount into the Turkish receiver however I was just notified by my gunsmith that when the barrel being seated into the receiver the exisisting rear and front sight are off by 100 degrees and to right this it could run me around $175 +. Now I have done business with this gunsmith for about 2 years and he does a great job but I felt he should have been more suggestitive to other alternative ways to make my mauser shoot ready but then again maybe there aren't any or are there? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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bit the bullet, gave the gunsmith the green light 'get'r done'. What else am I going to do, have a good receiver and barrel set in my closet for who knows how long? Live and learn when piece milling military guns together it's either going come togther the first time or bust. I was lucky with a Springfield 1903A, receiver from SOG a barrel from Gun Brokers and it came together with no hithces, in fact the gunsmith was impressed everything looked good, worked good and gaged good. Thanks for the info. but Stand by, I never learned from my mom to learn from your mistakes, in other words I probably do this again, just can't help it.
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