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The acceptance on the barrel? I assume proper for Borsigwalde? (Mauser Werke Borsigwalde was capable of making barrels, especially being where they were housed!); this steel maker is known on other 38/243's (I have 3 datasheets with this steel maker, others are know too for 38/243).
This appears to be a steel maker and a German one as they are found very early (pre-nazi expansion..) I have a few guesses, does anyone else?

Do some pics...

Ok, I've exhausted my resources, and haven't found the answer, so I'll attempt the august members of this great forum! :)

Ok, on my 243 marked 1938 K98, the barrel (matching # barrel, so I think it goes with the gun) is stamped 38 (ok, the year) Si 124. Any ideas what the "Si 124" is? Is that the barrel steel lot, or the subcontractor who actually made the barrel? If the subcontractor, who is it?


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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