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Baltimore Arms Collector Show: Rimfire scores

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Well, despite the reduced crowd and reduced selection, I still managed to find things.

Overall, I saw more Winchester 1890s at this show then at any other time, but they were insanely expensive. As opposed to the Colt Lightning rimfires which were hideously expensive.

There were some bargains to be had, I saw TWO Savage 1903 rifles in decent shape, both under $150, but since I already have one, I didn't pursue them.

So what did I get?

* Tang sight for my Marlin '97 lever-action rimfire. Unfortunately I suffered from "It'll still be there when I get back" hubris and lost out on a tang sight for a Remington Model 12.

* Stevens "Visible Loader" which is a nifty little tube-fed design that can best be described as "pump block". Thanks to the interwebs, I found out mine is a rather early one--it was an excellent condition, and you should have seen the look on the dealer's face (and everyone around him) when I paid for it with two stacks of $2 bills.

* Last but not lest, a Marlin Model 47 rimfire pump. This is the first Marlin pump-action rimfire I have ever seen in the wild, so I was determined to get it. The salesmen told me a story (I bought the gun, not the story) and confirmed it later: The Model 47 was never in the Marlin catalog nor sold through stores: It was offered as a premium for anyone who bought 4 or more shares of Marlin stock (at $100 a share, about $1400 a share in todays dollars) in 1931.

The good news is that the bore on the 47 is outstanding and mechanically its in great shape, the bad news is that the cartridge carrier/lifter is missing. I am going back in the morning to see if the vendor has it in one of his parts boxes. Otherwise, Numrich has them for a fairly decent price.

Will post pictures later.
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Sounds like you had a great day, I can't wait for the show season to start up around here!
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