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I am importing this both for its importance (just see the many, many 9,3x57 related postings in the old boards), and because it was updated in the interstice period with a rather valuable update:


Posted - 07/29/2007 : 2:13:17 PM

does anyone have a ballisticians table for the 9.3*57mm? i cant find a source for ammo locally and not really seeing much online i went to sarco this weekend and fell inlove with a mauser in there bargin bin in this caliber so id love to know more....sorry for my lack of knowledge but this is my first try at european mausers i had spanish 7mms and a argy but really love the finish on these guys...


Posted - 07/29/2007 : 2:30:21 PM

Norma has a neat little ballistics tool on their site. You can fiddle with the numbers for the factory ammo, or enter your own data;

It's under "Ballistics" in the menu.



Posted - 07/29/2007 : 6:53:46 PM

As I just recently acquired a 9.3x57, I was curious how its ballistics compared to some other cartridges so I put together this little table.

Edited by - BFaucett on 08/03/2007 10:48:40 AM

Here's the loading data from Norma's web site that I downloaded and saved on July 24, 2007:

Cheers! -Bob F.


Posted - 07/30/2007 : 09:05:08 AM


Thanks for the chart. That about sums it up!

Anyone contemplating a purchase of a 9.3x57 should remember that there is very little published data and pressure information so that means experimental and "in-the-dark" loading for the most part. Some enjoy this and some might not. For those who don't, the x57 might not be for them.

It seems that there are many of the 9.3x57 rifles in use in the USA right now {ownership and use pops up on lots of gun and hunting forums besides this one}, and certainly they are being used for hunting. I very much hope we get some posts on this forum this year with pictures and descriptions of load & bullet performance on game.

There is certainly no mystery involved in what full-power 9.3x57 loads are capable of. I find it to possess good killing performance on game and be easy on the shoulder at the range.

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